The project

Akinom was born from a simple idea: be focus on well-being and the essential for men.Akinom initiates his first steps with underwear. In May 2021, both boxer briefs and briefs are offered for the first time via a first pre-order campaign. Building on this first success with 610% of the target, the Parisian brand quickly enriched its cpollection through its e-shop.

Unifying, Innovative, Committed and Responsible, Akinom’s mission is to understand, accompany and implement male comfort to make daily life a moment of permanent well-being. In addition to the design, technical and timeless collections, Akinom is part of a dynamic of permanent improvement of its environmental impact, while fully adhering to the principle of slow fashion by limiting over stocks, for example.

Akinom goes further in the diffusion of his universe with Sense the Freedom, a blog dedicated to health, grooming, fashion, design in a holistic and educational approach, in which the community can participate. This collaborative and participatory spirit is also reflected in the donation of 1% of Akinom’s turnover to the fight against testicular and prostate cancers.

Florian Bodet - Akinom

The founder

After graduating from a marster in Art History, Florian made his fist steps in the press offices of young designers and luxury brands for almost 10 years. At the dawn of his 30th birthday, he ‘s back to school to become a shoemaker. From shoedesigner to Merchandising Officer, he works on shoe collections of high-street, premium and luxury brands, while creating in parallel his eponymous brand of men’s shoes in the 2010’s.

It is with the shoe industry that Florian feeds his obsession of the perfect balance between style and comfort. He observes the advent of sneakers and sportswear and quickly understands that this well-being will soon be required in all ways.

By founding Akinom, Florian shares a holistic universe in which he expresses his expertise in the men trends and his taste for well-being. Beyond a brand, it is a true lifestyle to which Florian invites everyone.