Akinom carries values that guide its business model towards more sustainability and responsibility. This point of view is translated into management of purchases and stocking, no sale to offer the right prices all year long. Environmental respect is no longer an option and it is not a marketing position, it is part of the company’s daily actions. Finally, supporting an association is also essential in order to be able to support financially but also to sensitize the public to a cause.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Environmental respect is at the heart of our actions and thoughts by taking the least impactful options. Our packaging is compostable, our factory is equipped to prevent any harmful release into the atmosphere, we use materials either organic or recycled sourced. We opted for full manufacturing in Portugal from the components to the final product in the same area to limit the CO2 impact associated with forwarding.

Limit over-stock: the model of pre-order and replenishment in just-in-time flow are in our opinion the healthiest way to propose our products in order to avoid any mess and to stick as close as possible to the needs of our customers.

A clear and transparent price positioning

No sale, originally these two annual periods were created to reduce “overstocks and unsold” by having the ability to sell at a loss. By limiting over-stock, it no longer makes sense and avoids selling at a loss. Because selling at a loss takes away the value of people’s work, materials used.

Define a fair price for our products reflect the value of the raw material, the quality and the value of the work done from the  assembly, distribution and to the marketing.

Permanent discounts on pre-orders and bulk buying are proposed because we are impacting on the public sale price the savings realized on marketing and forwardinf efforts.

Be turn to others

Charity commitment is part of the brand values by taking care of ourselves, we take care of others. Akinom is committed to donating 1% of its turnover each year to support research against testicular and prostate cancers. This precise choice is consistent with Akinom’s own project oriented towards male well-being and therefore also health.

to be responsible!

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