5 tips to stop having to adjust yourself


It is enough to walk 5 minutes in the street to surprise some guyes they "put back in place" their package... And we are almost all confronted with it without exception.

Contrary to many theories, it is not a matter of fixation or obsession with our penis or testicles, to ensure that nothing is missing... The readjustment is the direct consequence of a total discomfort when our precious ones are not in the right place or literally stuck where they should not be, not to mention the penis that ends up on the left while we wear on the right, etc... If a lot of guys do not even realize when they readjust (we do this since childhood), many are aware that it is not socially acceptable! There are a few tricks to avoid being caught in the act, because the quick adjustment has a very temporary effect. To get back in the right place, you have to come clean, and there's no way you're going to do it in public... here are 5 tips to keep your hands off your package and keep your reputation as a stylish, well-educated man.


The readjustment is a consequence, so we must understand the source in order to act! Is it a question of bad placement, of itching, is it most often when I am doing sports, when I am sitting down, at any time... Questioning yourself allows you to become aware, and therefore to act!


The simple and stealthy readjustment, the one that doesn't require a lot of intervention, can withstand public risk-taking. The idea is to reposition yourself with a movement that a priori has nothing to do with it, like reaching into your pocket, sitting down, crossing your legs.


When the terrible feeling comes, find a secluded place to put everything back in its proper place! The bathroom is always a good option, because that's what this place is for too! And when you leave, wash your hands!


Many people maintain their package with a razor or clippers... Regrowth can lead to itching if not done properly... In the morning, also using talcum powder to avoid sticky feelings can help.


Too tight, too loose? It may seem obvious but the choice of underwear is key, and too many men seem to neglect it! Think about wearing underwear that is adapted to your size and especially to your anatomy like Akinom offers with its Front Nest®pouch.

Keep in mind that what is perceived as cute when we are young boy, is not cute at all once we pass to a teenager and an adult ! That globally people see you and that nobody wants to see that... So free yourself from untimely adjustments and occupy your head and your hands to something else!

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