The 3 essential tips to know which underwear to wear!

When it comes to underwear, the choice remains relatively limited to three major families: boxers, briefs and briefs. Each one has for vocation to form a barrier between the body and the clothing. Small, tall, thin or strong, that's not the question, your choice must be guided by your well-being and your feeling! "Well in your underwear, well in your head" as the other would say!

Here you will find the 3 tips to choose between one and the other without having to worry about your morphology or your age!

calçon slip boxer quel sous vêtement choisir


Comfort is the most important factor to consider when choosing an underwear for men. Shorts are much looser than briefs and boxers, offering greater freedom of movement, provided you wear pants that are just as loose, otherwise beware of "stuffing. Briefs, on the other hand, are tighter and uncover the thighs completely, which is a real asset for sports, while boxers are fitted without being too tight, they represent the alternative between briefs and underpants, which explains its success since its creation, more than 40 years ago. In all cases, the choice of material is also essential for comfort. Underwear made of natural fibers (cotton, modal..) are generally more breathable and comfortable, synthetic materials can be irritating, so they should be avoided.


Briefs are often considered more elegant and classic, sometimes outdated, while boxers are more casual, often used as loungewear. Boxers are an intermediate choice that is perfect for everyday wear, with the great advantage of limiting chafing between the thighs. Boxers are often associated with a more youthful, casual look, while briefs are more formal. In recent years, with the fashion for tighter fitting pants, wearing shots as underwear has become rarer, while technical and stylistic developments have brought briefs back to the forefront becoming more seductive and sexy than boxers. You will be the only judge with the person who shares your life.

Fit & Support

Briefs and Boxers are designed to provide extra support to the male private parts. Akinom has incorporated the Front Nest® system to provide a more natural fit while still allowing for a non-compressive fit. Shorts on the other hand leave the private parts completely free, so support is not an issue, which over the years has led many men to abandon them in favor of more fitted underwear.

Don't forget that the choice of size is also important for the support, but it is above all the waist size that counts! The belt must be adjusted without being tight so as not to mark the skin.

In short, the right questions to ask are what are my expectations? for what use? Sitting for hours, doing a crossfit session, feeling attractive... And you, how do you make your choice each morning?

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    • jean-marie clauss
    • 2021-08-31 18:29:53
    Article très intéressant, il est vrai que bien choisir ses sous-vêtements c'est très important pour passer une bonne journée ! À ce niveau les mentalités ont beaucoup changés, et nous les hommes avions tendance à acheter du pas cher et négliger le confort !